Song of Songs

Historic and Prophetic Parallels Show the Divine Time Line
The bride's experience, Christ's faithful people, in The Song of Solomon
The literal story of Christ's professed people (the Christian church)
The seven churches, Revelation 2, 3.
Christ's faithful people, seen through Daniel's experience, Daniel 10.
1:2-4 Love of beloved, Love of daughters Christ's life as a man on earth, His sacrifice - 4-8a Appearance of the man in linen
  2:4 First love lost
  2:5 Lampstand may be removed
1:5, 6 Dark,
Sun has tanned me,
Angry brothers
Beginning of apostasy
Pagan and Jewish resistance
  2:9 Tribulation Poverty but rich; False claim to be Jews
  2:10 Prison
8b Strength lost
1:7, 8 Seeking pasture with the true sheep Paganism in the church PERGAMOS
  2:14 Sexual (spiritual)  immorality
  2:13 Satan's throne (pagan)
2:2 Among thorns,
2:3 In shade,
2:5, 6 Sustained,
2:7 Waiting
The corrupt church and the underground church THYATIRA
  2:14 Sexual (spiritual) immorality
  2:13 Satan's throne (pagan)
9 Deep sleep
   Face to ground but words heard
2:8 The beloved's voice
2:10 Called to arise
2:14 Clefts of the rock
Protestant Reformation (beginning of light)   2:28 Morning star 10 Touched, trembling on hands and knees
2:15 Foxes
2:17 Waiting
Counter-Reformation SARDIS
  3:1 Name as if alive but dead
3:2 Arising
3:4 Found loved one
New religious liberty
Awakening, Bible societies, etc.
  3:8 Open door
11, 12 Stood trembling, understanding sought, received (Dan. 8:14, 17, 26, 27)
3:5-10 Waiting, Who is coming? Couch, Portable chair,
3:11 Go to see Solomon
Proclaiming the second advent of Christ   3:11 Behold I come quickly -
5:1 I have come.
5:2-8 Beloved spoke, door opened, but he had gone.
Disappointment on date set for Christ's coming. - 14, 15 (More) understanding, days yet to come, face to ground, speechless.
6:1-3 Beloved (Solomon) had gone to his garden to feed and gather (in portable chair of 3:9) Studying what went wrong, Judgment LAODICEA
  Means judgment
16, 17 Mouth opened by weak.
6:11 - 71:13 Maturing garden, dance, maturing garden again. The maturing church, response to Laodicea. - 18 Touched, strengthened.
8:1, 2 She would not be despised; bring to house - 3:15-19 Neither cold nor hot so spit out; needs. -
8:3 Hand under head
8:5 Dependence,
8:6 Sealing sought.
End time trials, sealing 3:19 Rebuke and chasten
3:20 Standing at the door.
19a I was strengthened.
8:8-10 No breasts (accusation), Found mature, Peace Verdict of preadvent judgment (Mal. 3:16, 17; Dan. 7:27). - 19:b Peace (no fear)
8:13 Companions listen,
8:14 Make haste my beloved
Giving the final call
Awaiting the advent
- 19c Lord to speak (through Daniel). Also 10:21; 11:1.
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